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Cash. Consult

This is the meeting for a financial catch up and check-in. An opportunity to discuss specific goals and plans to get there. In this meeting we discuss the fundamentals of budgeting as well as review your banking structure and cash movements. It is about providing you the opportunity to ask questions, explore financial strategies and hear insights and tips of what we have seen work. This one-off meeting will give you the peace of mind to know what you want and how you can get there. It’s the approach for people who love DIY.

Upfront $400

Design It

This is the plan for individuals and couples who wants to do more with their money. You want goals and a plan to get there. Or maybe you know your goals and plan and you want a new level of accountability. This relationship is about removing stress, uncertainty and confusion in relation to your money. You will have a professional team to work with to establish or refine your goals and create a plan. We will provide the education and tools to support you, to achieve what you want. This relationship will spur you to feel focused, confident and optimistic about your finances.

Ongoing from $330 per month

Master It

This is the package for anyone who has a little bit more financial complexity in relation to their finances. You might have your own business or just have a lot going on in the money space. We provide all the support from the foundation design plan plus more dedicated expertise because you have greater financial variables or intricacies. This ensures everything is considered and allows you to focus on what is really important to you. This money management solution will energize your wealth creation strategies and give you direction, support and peace of mind.

Upfront $2,040
Ongoing from $560 per month

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